16th May 2005, 4 - 8 PM
Commonwealth Secretariat, Marlborough House, Pall Mall, London - SW1Y 5HX, UK.

The Attendees

A diverse group of Sierra Leoneons participated in this meeting. They included Lawyers, Community Development/Charity Co-ordinators, Students, Trade unionist, Agronomist, Journalist, Health researchers, and IT support analysts who had varying interests in Sierra Leone.

Reasons for participation included:

  • Desire to return home
  • Contribute to the process of reconstruction and development
  • Engage in capacity building efforts of the international community within Sierra Leone.
  • Participate in economic rebuilding of the country through partnership, joint-ventures and investment


The key stakeholders and decision makers inside and outside Sierra Leone – Government of Sierra Leone/UK, Department for International Development (DFID), Private Sector in Sierra Leone and the Diaspora involvement which will lead to a greater under understanding, information and ability to implement.

United Kingdom is an excellent starting point for the mobilization of the Diaspora to participate in the process of rebuilding their country. DFID is at the forefront of the numerous international efforts to revive the process of development and economic growth in Sierra Leone (largest bilateral developmental partner)



  • Informing and mobilizing the Diaspora
  • Identification of strategy options for those seeking to engage
  • Bridge building or re-connection with the Diaspora
  • Opportunities for responsible partnership between the Diaspora, Private Sector and development agencies
  • Opportunity to target Diaspora resources and expertise for development
  • Knowledge of views of Diaspora members on redevelopment process in Sierra Leone.
  • Recognition by the Diaspora of ongoing work in Sierra Leone and how they can facilitate and add value
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Notes from Pre-Conference






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