Sierra Leone has just begun the process of recovering from a gruesome decade of civil war that decimated untold numbers of lives and property, and also devastated the institutions of governance and development in the country.

The international community’s efforts to rebuild the processes of governance and development in Sierra Leone include capacity building initiatives and programs for individuals and organizations in the country.

The citizens of Sierra Leone, who live in the Diaspora for one reason or another, are a very valuable resource and powerful force or tool for rebuilding their country. What is fundamentally crucial in mobilizing the Diaspora is a vehicle or mechanism that would collect and disseminate pertinent information about the opportunities, challenges, prospects and issues that the Diaspora needs to know, in order to make informed decisions and plans to engage constructively in rebuilding their country.

This engagement can be for the Diaspora to either return home to deploy their skills, expertise and resources in public, private and non-profit ventures, or to channel their resources to ventures in their country through secondary or tertiary avenues, while they remain in the Diaspora. Essentially, valuable and practical information is going to be the premier ingredient necessary to convince, mobilize or energize the Diaspora to play responsible roles in rebuilding their country.


Objectives of the forum

  • Mobilize the Sierra Leonian’s to participate in the process of rebuilding their country.
  • Inform the Diaspora
  • Engage in their country’s redevelopment process

The event was pragmatic, exciting, informing and a pre-cursor to more concrete steps by Sierra Leonian’s in the Diaspora to contribute their quotas to their country’s rebirth and redevelopment

Full report from the Sierra Leone Consultative and Investment Forum can be downloaded by clicking here (Please note that this is a big 4MB PDF file).

Seminar - 4th June 2005, 10AM - 4 PM
Hilton London Docklands Riverside, 265 Rotherhithe Street, London

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Pre-Seminar workshop - 16th May 2005, 4 - 8 PM
Commonwealth Secretariat, Marlborough House, Pall Mall, London - SW1Y 5HX, UK.

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