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Other Reports and Presentations
Africa Diaspora Investment Report
Presentations and Reports from 2005
Presentations on the Agriculture an Investment Option on the Diaspora kindly click here
Analysis of Diaspora Investors - October 2005
H.E. Ringo F. Abed, High Commissioner for Namibia - Tourism
When will African Businesses (start to) Catch Up?
Telecommunications as an instrument of change in bringing a different perspective to commerce – myth or fiction? – the Suburban experience
Role of ICT in Connecting the Diaspora
Afritel Presentation - Mike Nulty, UK Operations Director
ICT an Enabling Forum for E-Commerce
“Investment Environment in Africa” - Case study of Virgin Nigeria Airways - Simon Harford, Chief Executive, Virgin Nigeria Airways
The Global Remittance Market
The Role of the Diaspora in setting up businesses in Africa: Challenges, Opportunities and Threats
DFID Working with the Diaspora Investment and Africa
The role of SME's in reconstrution and development
CMA Presentation
Africa Vukani – Providing Financial Services for the Africans in the Diaspora
Cashmo - A live story
Africa World Heritage Fund
Tourism & Its Implication for the African Tourism Industry (Gambian Perspective)
Tourism Diversity in Africa
Building a conducive business environment in Africa: case study: Nigeria by Abah Ofon, Africa Economist, Standard Chartered Bank, London
Exploring Tourism, Arts and Culture as an investment option for the Diaspora: Olakunle Awosusi, CEO – EWAJO LTD
The South African Finanacial Services Charter, Its Implications For The Continent And Africans In The Diaspora
The Diaspora Dividend: Diaspora Africa Sme Investment To Africa
South Africa Association of Investors
Harnessing The Power Of The Diaspora For Investment - GPA Awards: A Case Study
The role of the Diaspora in Reconstruction & Development - The Case for SLWT
ProInvest Presentation
DFID Working with Diaspora
- Jean Foster
Migration and Temporary Movement (Mode 4): Towards a Trade and Development approach
A Briefing Note on World Bank support for Mobilizing the African Diaspora for Development
Sierra Leone Diaspora Network
Migration and the Millenium Development Goals
- IOM International Organization for Migration
International migration, development and the information

- IOM International Organization for Migration
African equity markets offer investors superior returns
- Dr Ayo Salami (African Business Research Institute
The Role of the Media in the Development of Africa
- Paddy Coulter, Director, Reuters Foundation Programme at Green College, University of Oxford

The role of the press in Enabling Investments in Africa
- William Day, Special Advisor, UNDP

Presentations and Reports from 2004
Africa Diaspora Investment Forum 2004 - Post Seminar Report
Opening Statement by Dr (Mrs) Ndi Okereke-Oniuke OON Director General/CEO Africa Stock Exchange
The Deputy Minister for Industry and Trade Hon. Rita mlaki (MP.) on potential investment opportunities in Africa and how the Diaspora can exploit them
The African Diaspora SME Fund: A Venture Capital Fund for SME’s in Africa
The Real Estate Marketplace Nigeria
Savings: The Key to Investment
Towards The Full Exploitation of The Investments by the African Diaspora: The role of IPC, Kenya
Diaspora dividend: alternative perspectives on the role of trade & investment in poverty reduction in Africa
African Stock Exchanges Association

Nairobi Stock Exchange




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