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Over 60 delegates consisting of media organisation from the Diaspora, international institutions and media practioners gathered at Chatham House Royal Institute of International Affairs to discuss the role of the press in facilitating investment by the Diaspora. The event also represented a press launch of the forthcoming Africa Diaspora Investment Forum (ADIF) 2005, being jointly organised by, New Partnership for Africa’s Development, Economic, Africa Business Roundtable, Nigerian Stock Exchange, BenTV and AfricaRecruit.

The role of the press in facilitating and enabling investment atmosphere is overwhelming. An objective reporting is crucial. The press has the responsibility to report in a balanced manner. Philanthropy, certainly not in the press, is no longer fashionable. One question that readily comes to mind is why the press should report positively about Africa? There is a certainly a business case to make about balanced reporting for Africa. The focus should therefore be how should the media report positively about Africa? The press launch of today, as well as the actual weeklong investment forum provides excellent platform to confront diverse stakeholders on how they would like to be portrayed in the press.

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Presentations from the Press Roundtable

Agenda (31st Aug 2005)


 Registration and early morning refreshments




10.30 – 10.35

Opening Remarks

Janet Narh, GFM Radio



10.35 – 10.45

Keynote Address

William Day , UNDP Adviser



10.45 – 11.15

Enabling Investment in Africa: The Role of the Press

Barfor Nkomah , New African Magazine

Olayinka Fayomi , Fin Magazine





The Role of the Media in the Development of Africa

Paddy Coulter , Reuters Foundation

Sally-Ann Wilson , Commonwealth Broadcasting Association




Question and answer







1.30 – 2.00

The Neglected Stories of Africa: Whose Role is it to pick up?

Femi Okutubo , Trumpet Newspaper

Alistair Soyode , Ben TV




Question and answer



2.30 –2.45











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