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Africa Business Roundtable (ABR) believes Africa’s private sector is the commercial engine for the continent’s overall economy. ABR seeks to emphasize the economic partnerships, which unites the Public Sector, Developmental Partners and the Private Sector for economic rejuvenation. ABR Members are drawn from all the regions of Africa, from Cairo to Cape Town. For more information visit:




The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) is a VISION and STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK FOR AFRICA’s RENEWAL. The NEPAD strategic framework document arises from a mandate given to the five initiating Heads of State (Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa) by the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) to develop an integrated socio-economic development framework for Africa. The 37th Summit of the OAU in July 2001 formally adopted the strategic framework document. NEPAD is designed to address the current challenges facing the African continent. Issues such as the escalating poverty levels, underdevelopment and the continued marginalisation of Africa needed a new radical intervention, spearheaded by African leaders, to develop a new Vision that would guarantee Africa’s Renewal. For details visit




AfricaRecruit is an organisation that facilitates and enables capacity building in Africa using the Diaspora as one of the engines of investment. AfricaRecruit strongly believes, acknowledges from experience and observation that the Diaspora for one reason or another, are a very valuable resource and powerful force or tool for rebuilding their country. This engagement can be for the Diaspora to channel their resources to ventures in their country through secondary or tertiary avenues, while they remain in the Diaspora. For more information, please visit :




BEN Television is the first multi-cultural, urban and cosmopolitan channel operating from United Kingdom (SKY EPG number 184). BEN Television is a ‘free- to-air channel and can be received on the Sky Television network.

BEN Television is the largest provider of wholesome infotainment content, targeting a black and ethnic audience across Europe; its appeal reaches across the cross-cultural audience from a younger generation, through to the more mature, professional and affluent consumer.

BEN Television’s satellite footprint covers UK, Europe and parts of North Africa and reaches more than 7 million homes on the Sky satellite network. BEN Television’s potential audience is 30 million digital satellite homes.
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The Nigerian Stock Exchange was established in 1960 as the Lagos Stock Exchange and changed its name to the The Nigerian Stock Exchange in December 1977. At present it has 8 branches (Lagos, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Kano, Onitsha, Ibadan and Yola), with trading floors which double as office areas, where investors are enlightened about the merits of saving and investing in the Nigerian Capital Market.

Today the Nigerian Stock Market boasts of 265 Securities with a Total Market Capitalisation of over One Trillion, Nine Hundred Billion Naira, as at 7th June 2004.

The monumental growth of the Nigerian Stock Exchange can be attributed to the strong partnerships that have been forged between local Nigerian investors and their counterparts overseas.

The Nigerian Stock Exchange was deregulated in 1993 and in 1995 the Federal Government of Nigeria relaxed the restrictions preventing foreign participation in the stock market. As a result, the Nigerian Stock Exchange has received widespread interest from foreign investors, where the size of their investments has grown to an unprecedented 47% of the entire market capitalization of the Nigerian Stock Market.

The Nigerian Stock Exchange satisfies all of the 30 stipulations set out by the World Federation of Exchanges for a mature market. These include an automated trading system that executes orders in real-time, an automated clearing and settlement system with a T+3 settlement cycle and a world-class compliance regime. The Nigerian Stock Market can be said to be very investor friendly with truly transparent price discovery mechanisms in place. For more information, please visit





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