The emerging investors in Africa : from generation to generation

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The African Diaspora are a brand-building opportunity, key to building and projecting a new African brand a potential massive resource of funds. In some cases Africans living abroad send more money home than earned from many of the natural resouces or exports from Africa. Africa Economic Summit 2005 - Click here for details


Following the successful Africa Diaspora Investment Forum 2004 and an increasing call by African governments and the Diaspora to engage the Diaspora in investment activities in Africa. Africa Diaspora Investment week 2005 will provide a week of activities aimed at enhancing and enabling the Diaspora to further invest in Africa.

The forum will also serve to illustrate exactly how the Diaspora community can benefit from the numerous investment opportunities that exist overseas in trade and investments, whilst supporting the development of Africa's economy.

The Africans in the Diaspora merit increasing attention they are a source of investment funding, expertise and a confidence building measure of great importance.

Financial flows from the Diaspora on average contribute 5-10% of some African countries Gross Domestic Product and in a few cases over 20%. In a year alone it is estimated that the Diaspora invest over US$ 450 million, this excludes the estimated US$ 12 billion remittances sent by the Diaspora annually.

There is an increasing desire by the Diaspora to increase their investment or start to invest in Africa. What is fundamentally crucial is mobilising the Diaspora interest, challenging perception, attracting diverse partnerships and creating the required infrastructure to enable the investment flows. Most policies currently address the large flows by organisation but fails to enable the many private flows by the Diaspora who are taking personal investments at their individual risk into Africa.

Africa Diaspora Investment week 2005 will aim to:

Address the factors the challenges to Diaspora Investment in Africa at policy, institutional and operational activity
Enable a Diaspora investment pathway across the globe
Improve partnerships and links across the globe
Facilitate service providers to engage successfully with their market in the Diaspora
Provide a platform for networking

Key benefits for participating in ADIF 2005

Access to an investment market with a potential worth over $45 billion
Test or introduce new products and services with customers and engage in an interactive feedback
Gain invaluable competitive analysis
Qualify for full colour page of advertisement within the official Africa Diaspora Forum brochure

Benefit from pre and post-event publicity and visibility and off-line publicity. Africa Diaspora Investment Forum will also be televised on BEN Television and all participating sponsors will be invited to present to camera

Benefit from enhanced awareness amongst the African Diaspora and generate NEPAD and ABR endorsement through the support of African investment initiative