Conference Presentations :

Shannon McGuire, HR Emergencies Specialist, Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office, UNICEF-pdf.To download Click Here

Jan Herremo, Tactical Communications, Ericsson-pdf. To Download Click Here

Stephen Onyait, Learning & Talent Director, Eastern and Southern Africa, Unilever.To download click Here

Noroarisoa Rakotondrandria, Regional Programme Officer, United Nations-International Strategy for Disaster Reduction Africa.To download click Here

Jacqueline Rugayo, International Staffing Specialist - East Africa Region, World Vision .To download click Here

James Du Plooy, Outsourcing Group, South Africa .To download click Here

John Rogers, Disaster Management Department, Office of National Security, Department of Sierra Leone.To download click Here

Major S.K. Sane, Disaster Preparedness Office in Government of Kenya.To download click Here

Nilufa Shariff, Aga Khan University.To download click Here

Hon. Musa Echweru (MP) Minister of State for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees, Uganda.To download click Here

Resource People in Aid .Kindly Click Here.
Managing people in emergencies .Kindly Click Here.
Framework for Successful Collaboration:

Summary of presentation entitled ‘Framework for Successful Collaboration’ given by Sandy Jacobsen. To download click Here

Hygogo Framwork for Action 2005-2015:Building the Resilience of Nations and Communities to Disaster:

An Introduction to the Hygogo Framework for Action. To download click

Monitoring Trends 2005-2006 :

Private Interest in Humanitarian Action: A Growing Trend? To down load click