Overview of the Conference
Harnessing the human and financial capital from the Diaspora to Agricultural growth in Africa

Africa Diaspora Investment forum 2006 will be to foster an ongoing dialogue between the Diaspora, Policy makers, trainers, skills developers and potential investors on the way forward and how best to productively channel the alternative finances and skills of the Diaspora to harness the agricultural sector in Africa.

The conference is designed to showcase success stories in the Agriculture sector, its challenges and opportunities with recommendations on the steps that Diaspora can take to ensure that their human or financial capital counts towards the promotion of a sustainable Agriculture development in Africa.

Invited speakers include:
  • Policy makers in the agricultural sector in Africa
  • Training and Research institutes
  • Private and Public Sector
  • Donor Community
  • Members of the Diaspora
  • Agro - Business Investors
  • UN organisations
  • Foundations
  • Fund Managers and Financial Institutions
The event will consist of workshop:
The workshops are aimed at alerting the Diaspora to the opportunities in the agricultural sector in Africa areas of focus will include:
  • Public-Private sector capacity building, business development
  • Wealth and job creation through Diaspora investment using either skills or finances
  • Developing and building micro enterprise
  • Access to markets
  • Agro - Business Infrastructure
  • Private -Public sector collaborations
  • Policy enhancers